The trip to Cagli changed my life. I know that everyone says that, and it might sound a bit cliché, but my time in Italy truly changed me, my relationships with others, my views on life and my views on the world. In my brief time in Cagli, I became a member of a family. I connected with my Italian heritage, experienced pure human kindness and made friends for life. … I was pushed way out of my comfort zone but in the best way possible. I have learned to appreciate the things in life that otherwise get overlooked. I appreciate the hard work that it takes to create a quality and honest living and always prioritize time with those I love and care about. These are all things that Cagli taught me and all lessons that I carry with me every day. If you are considering taking the trip to Cagli with Dr. Caputo and his incredible team, I urge you to stop considering and simply commit. This experience will change you for the better.” Stephanie B.

“Cagli engages all your senses: your taste buds, your language skills, your people skills. … ‘Living as the locals’ gives you a whole new perspective on the village of Cagli. With professors as your guides, you’ll suddenly feel as though Cagli isn’t so foreign after all.” Meagan N.

Tears ran down my face as I watched our final presentation out on the piazza in Cagli. I was sad to leave, happy that I was able to experience so much and grateful for the amazing people that I was honored to meet and now call my friends.   The Cagli project was truly a gift to my life.” Courtney D.

The Cagli Project gave me an opportunity for what I consider deep learning and scholarship – the kind from which I will never recover.  Along the way I met amazing people, saw beautiful places, had some incomparable coffee, pastries, pasta and gelato – and decided that no force on this earth would keep me from giving a moment of my experience back.” Rachel P.

“I’ve made memories in a culture yet untouched by few outsiders and still-fewer tourists. I’ve made lifelong friendships. My time in Cagli haunts my daily life, and I often find myself daydreaming about Monte Petrano, eating cherries on the steps of the Opera House or sitting in the square. It was an immersive experience, to be sure, and the rich experiences I had there still affect me deeply.” Emily H.