Upon acceptance into the program, students will receive a handbook with further details. Following is some general information:


The program fee covers transportation from Rome to Cagli and back, group excursions, and group activities in Rome. Airfare is not covered and is the responsibility of the student. Any non-group weekend travel is also at the student’s own expense.


Students will be housed in dorms/hostels in Rome, and in shared apartments in the center of Cagli.


Students will be awarded 5 transfer credits in communication from Sapienza University (Department of Communication & Social Research) on satisfactory completion of the course. It is the student’s responsibility for ensuring these credits are accepted and valid at the student’s home institution. Please contact the registrar of the home institution if in doubt.


Students will be covered by general liability insurance as well as individual travel insurance (see coverage here). Students may wish to purchase additional coverage for specific needs if so desired.